Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Yard : Finally Coming Back Together

Last year, we had 5 acres of pine trees cut down by loggers. They took 22 tractor truck loads of pine trees from our yard. WOW!! We are two months away from it being the 1 year anniversary. I sure am proud that we have gotten our yard back to looking normal. When the loggers took all of the trees they also took all of our grass and left us with 3 HUMUNGUS debris piles. Im talking 2 that were 20 ft by 10ft another one that was about 50ft by 15ft. That is being generous. Now there is only 1 debris pile left and it is pretty small. We could not have cleaned up our yard with out the wonderful help from our generous family. Thank you SO SO VERY MUCH!!! You all are so AWESOME!!! A special woot woot to Bill, Diana, Tommy, Michael, Travis, R.W. and of course my loving and hardworkin' husband Jon.