Sunday, August 15, 2010


Preschool is starting and Abby is all geared up! She even knows what she is going to take for lunch.

Juice Box

  1. She picked out her Book bag.
  2. She has her school clothes.
  3. She has her school shoes.
  4. She got her hair cut.
I think she is more excited about school than we are - she gets up every morning around 6am to tell us that she is ready to go to school.

What are you feeding those kids?!?!

So out shopping people love to stop and ask me. " What are you feeding that boy" - My response now is Cornbread Collards and Mashed Potatoes. One lady even said - "REALLY" haha!
Seriously. no I do not feed my kids that. Except the potatoes part - Nate does like mashed potatoes when we are having them for dinner.
Same goes for miss Abby, we were at the playground the other day - and I was talking to another mom, she told me that her child was 4 and I said oh... Abby is 2 3/4... Her Jaw about hit the floor. Only because Abby was like 6 inches taller than her daughter.
Oh well I guess my kids just grow fast. But it is funny to see peoples reactions when you tell them that your 8 month old just Loves Pintos Cornbread and Collards!