Friday, May 21, 2010


Abby simply loves popcorn. She calls it "copcorn." She and I have it as an afternoon snack everyday. Well - my little miss Abby - loves to play with the popcorn seeds. I really did not think too much about this because I thought she was doing a good job sorting. She would put her leftover seeds in her cup and get another cup and move them back and forth.
Well - the other day I put Abby up on the potty - which by the way is going TERRIFIC! We are so proud of her. Back to the story, she told me she had to blow her nose. I gave her a tissue and nothing came out. Then she stuck her finger up there - like every kid does, I said Abby - " get your fingers out of your nose" then she blew real hard and out flew a popcorn seed.
O my! so I started asking her if she had put any other popcorn seeds up there and she told me yes. But there wasn't any. It is funny,

Two Year Olds
When you want them to say no - they say yes- and when you want them to say yes - they say no.

So we had the long conversation about not putting things up our nose and how it can hurt our nose and give us a boo boo. Err - for body exploration! Cant we just breath through our skin?
On the bright side at least she is not putting popcorn seeds up Nathan's nose.