Thursday, August 27, 2009

sticky fingers

Ha - I went grocery shopping today and was doing great until I noticed when I got out to the car that Abby had a reeses in one hand and peanut m&m's in the other. The reeses must have looked better to her because she was going to town on it. In that little amount of time paying for the groceries and out to the car she had managed to chew through the packaging. Oh well. So we went back in and paid for " our candy " . Kids will do the darndest things.


So Abby has developed her own language as any toddler does. However some words are just down right funny.

We have been working with her everyday two to three times a day on the alphabet. Maw Maw got her a box of board books for christmas last year and every book is a different letter.

A-apple alligator airplane( aplane) ant
B boat baby bear ball
C cat (meow) car cow( boo boo) cup
D dog ( woof woof ) duck ( quack quack) doll
E eye ear egg elmo ( elma- poor elmo turned into a girl )
F flower frog fish
G goat (baa) Goose (quack) grapes(yum yum these are especially delicious ) glasses
H hat house Hammer( hanner) horse hungry ( honey)
I igloo icecream (icream)
J Jacket (coat ) Jam (yum)
K king kite key
L lion (roar) leaf lamb ( baa)
M mouse moon
N no
O orange (yum) Owl Otter
P pig ( oink) peas pear
Q quater
R rocket rooster ( cluck cluck) racoon
S strawberry ( yum)stroller spoon
T turtle truck tree train - and of course you know she can say tractor :)
U umbrella ( brella)
W wagon window
Y yarn (ball) Yak Yellow( Yewwow)
Z Zipper (zippa) Zoo

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Consignment Sale

Whew, I went to the ginormous consignment sale yesterday and whew am I glad that I did. I loaded down.

Nathan :

  1. crib bedding ( pottery barn ) bumper($9) 2 x sheets ($2 each) and dust ruffle($2)
  2. Wave Shelf- ( super cool ) - Nautical Theme! ($15)
  3. swing ( Graco Luv-N- Hug) ($40)
  4. seat cover for the high chair ($4)
  5. outfits ($2)
  6. bibs (10pk) ($5)

Abby :

  1. outfits ($7)
  2. toys ($5)
  3. dress up clothes & shoes ($10)
  4. winter jacket


  1. Maternity Clothes

Blackdress pants,($3) jumper (liz) ($4), 4 cable knit sweaters (gap and old navy)($5 each) 4 comfy long sleeve t shirts (old navy)( $3-4 each) and 2 kimono motherhood shirts($5) and grey yoga pants($2).


  1. Clothes

American Eagle shorts,($5) J.Crew button down shirt($4) & Tommy Hilfiger Blue Jeans($4)

I am super excited about all of the deals I found. It was well worth the wait - umm like 1hour+ but they had a good supply of chick fil a - So I had my lunch while I waited in line :) It was a lot of fun. Plus they had the FISH music on so the wait was not too bad. I love my deals. All these goodies for under $200.00

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Under Destruction

HA HA! That is to say the least. I didn't realize what the loggers would do to our yard! Thankfully we can see past the huge piles of limbs and debris and we can see beautiful landscaping.

First comes the removal of the stumps, well, we have to wait about a month to let the sap dry out of the pine stumps so that when we grind them it does not tear up any machines. For the back yard we are looking at a more natural way of decompositon. I heard of a lot of different ways.

  1. cutting a cross with a chainsaw and putting lime on and covering.
  2. pouring buttermilk on predrilled holes.
  3. covering with stump out and buring with kerosine

We will probably try all of these methods and see which one works the best for us - since we have a lot of stumps.

I have since become a fan of Walter Reeves - Georgia Gardener

his website has a lot of very useful information about planting trees, which we will be doing when it is cool enough.

Another website I have come to love is

When you join for $10 you get 10 free trees, which will come in very handy but also when you are a member you can buy trees/flower/shrubs at a discount.

I have also heard that we can buy tree seedlings from the national forrestry commision. ( at low cost )

We are very excited, but a little overwhelmed about the mess in our yard.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

bye bye Trees!

Click here to view these pictures larger

So It looks like the loggers are all done! YAY! They will still be visiting with us though. Our next door neighbor is having his trees cut down. We used Piedmont Timber Co. Inc. from Good Hope, GA. I would definately recommend these guys. They have all of the equipment and show up and work hard.
Jon says he doesn't know yet to be happy about the trees being gone or to be sick. It was really nice to come home to all of the trees, but it was becomming unsafe because the trees were dying and some of them were really close to the house. So...In the end it all works out.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Geared up for Christmas Already

We have officially started christmas shopping. :) I could not help myself Target had toys marked to 75% off. Now that we have some shopping out of the way I have some new decorating things in my future.

I have found a pattern for stockings. I will probably use a different material, but I just think these are adorable, besides I would like for all of our stockings to match.

I also found a really neat christmas craft. It seems pretty easy. A sugar cone with some frosting to hold the candy, I am sure abby is going to love it.

Oh I just can't wait for christmas this year!! We will have a brand new baby and a toddler to share christmas with this year. So exciting. :)

Okay so another Craft in mind. Pom Pom Wreaths. How neat! I am thinking that we may even be able to do some of these crafts at Abby's Birthday Party.

thanks to babycenter
Oh and Candy Cane Reindeer,
fun fun fun!