Saturday, July 10, 2010

An Experience

Riding Marta is an experience - ALWAYS - but I love it. and am thankful that Atlanta has this service available to us.

I had always used the tokens for marta. Now they have these ingenuous breeze cards that allow you to reload. Much easier to use than digging around for marta tokens.

Downtown was hopping! As usual. Tons of vendors selling things. Yummy smelling food out of street cars. and want to talk about BUSY!! The pace of life downtown is nothing compared to having a two year old and a 8 month old. Whew.

I had my interview for the Early Childhood Education Program at Georgia State University.

Friday, July 9, 2010

His Needs Her Needs For Parents keeping the Romance Alive : Harley, William F

Subjects :

  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Child Rearing
  • Love
I recommend this book to anyone who has kids. It gives great insight on relationships with kids. This book gets a two thumbs up from me.

1.And Then there were three :
Are children a threat to your marriage?

My advice to parents is simple, If you want to be good parents you need to care for each other first.

What is at stake?
Parents should do what ever it takes to love each other for their children's sake.

Prioritize Love
Children suffer when their parents divorce. and they thrive when mom and dad make their care for each other a top priority.

Give love Time
Your children learn from the way that you care or do not care for each other.
  • Marriage
Part 1 Romantic Relationships 101
2 Whats Love Got to do with it?
Why Romance matters?

a romantic relationship consists of two people in love who meet each others emotional needs for intimacy.

What is love
  • romantic love -is a feeling that couples can experience for life
  • caring love
The Love bank
there's a love bank inside each of us that keeps an emotional record of how people treat us.

what goes up can also come down
when the feeling of love is lost you'll also lose the instinct to make each other feel happy.

Emotional needs
failure to meet each others emotional needs is no shortcut- its a path to disaster.

3 Just between you and me
Intimate emotional needs

Wired for romance
when it comes to marriage a romantic relationship is just about everything.

Intimate conversation
since intimate conversation can be intense and enjoyable its easy to fall in love if you conversation is with someone of the opposite sex.

Recreational companionship
if you are spending most of your enjoyable time away from one another then you are not in a romantic relationship.

Intimate Affection

Sexual fulfillment
if either of you withholds sex from the other you'll find yourselves very frustrated.

Shortcuts don't work!
most couples strive for efficiency especially after children arrive. and romance is often the victim.

4 Love Takes Time
Too many couples simply let their romantic relationships slip away. mistakenly thinking that it is impossible to keep the romance alive after marriage.

Just in Time

Policy of Undivided Attention
Give your spouse your undivided attention a minimum of 15 hours a week using the time to meet his or her needs.

Try: babysitting partners

Try: taking a walk every evening with your spouse - great way to spend time together and get exercise.

Try: to create a weekly babysitting night so that you and your spouse can reconnect on a date.

Where will I find time?
*put it on the calendar*
remember the most important gift you can give your children is the gift of your love for each other.

5 Love Bankruptcy
when love busters break the bank

love busters if left unchecked will be the greatest source of your unhappiness.

What are love busters?
  • selfish demands
Demands do not build up cooperation, they build up resentment.
  • disrespectful judgments
when we impose our opinions on spouses we imply that they have poor judgment.
  • angry outburst
when anger wins love always looses.
  • dishonesty
honesty is like a flu-shot. It may give you a short sharp pain but it keeps you healthier in the long run.
  • annoying habits
  • independent behavior
Love busters are double trouble. They make love bank withdrawals and prevent love bank deposits.