Friday, May 21, 2010

right round

I had started to have an dull pain in my ear on wednesday night. I thought okay I will try a home remedy. So when I got home I put some peroxide in both of my ears- Maw maw says don't do that - I was just thinking maybe it would help. So I GOOGLED it of course, 1part white vinegar to 1part rubbing alcohol and starting washing my ear out. The pain was errr getting worse. When I would wash it out it would get better - but now I was getting nauseated and dizzy. Oh fun! Felt like my eyes were going round and round - you know like that song right round(KEI$HA) and I really did feel like I was going to go down down. Kinda felt like I was walking sideways all day. Then I went to the Dr. and he gave me medicine. Plain and simple Ear infections stink! Abby says I have a Boo Boo in my ear and that she wants cotton in her ears like mommy. Nathan doesn't know any better - but he just sit in his jumperoo or rolls around the floor and looks at me and smiles that smile. Kids are cute like that, and they make you forget all about the bad things that you are going through.