Monday, April 26, 2010

Summer Camp

Abby is going to summer day camp! She is super excited and so are we. I still cannot believe that she is old enough to go and learn about things away from me. She is growing up so fast. She is so excited - she keeps telling us " camp... camp...CAMP!!!"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

poop is not playdoh!

okay, I guess this is part of potty training-but I do not like it - not one bit! Yesterday at nap time Abby decided to take her pull up off and take the poop out- if you are thinking disgusting - yes! Very disgusting!
We had a long talk during bath time and said that we do not play with our poop - that poo poo goes in the potty.
Meanwhile mommy got to clean the sheets and the carpet and bleach all the toys. Yuck! but I guess it is all part of the learning process.
She did tell me that, "poop is nasty and no more play with nasty poop." - Hopefully this is true-comming from a two year olds mouth.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

bathtub for two pleeze

so yesterday I was giving Nathan a bath in his baby tub - and all was well... Or so I thought... Abby was in the other room...The other bathroom. She wanted to get a bath at the same time as her brother.
She had her pitcher in her hand and was getting water out of the toilet and filling the bathtub up ! I came in with Nathan to see what she was up to-and laughed! She said to me " Bath Time Mommy" and I said,"it sure is, bath time".
So we bleached the bathtub and then had a bubble bath- but it was hilarious to see her with the pitcher - very carefully taking water from the toilet to the tub.

Monday, April 5, 2010

County Water

Here we are tackling that goal list again, the men from Gwinnett County came out today and set our meter. Woohoo! We will run pipe this weekend from the meter to the house. YAY! No more blue bath tubs and toilets. And no more buying bottled water. One more thing checked off.

Jon using the trencher to cut the ditch for the water pipe.
Laying the pipe in the ground

Jon soldering the pieces to fit the meter
Abby playing in the empty swimmy pool - and blowing the dandie - lions
We sure thought they were dandy! Abby loves them!

let the toilet training begin

Post will be comming later - funny stories and things I have learned from this experience. Abby has told us, " No more diapers" and we have told her, that means going tee tee and poo poo in the potty! We will see. I will spare you the pictures - but will definately keep you updated on the progress.

Day One : started at 7:30
1. Big girl Panties and Breakfast -
7:45 - uh oh - clean up time -
8:00 regroup and head outside with the toddler potty!
8:30 Juice Box
9:00 Tee Tee on Potty! :) YAY! = M&M
9:30 Juice Box
10 :00 Tee Tee on Pottty! YAY = M&M
10:30 offered drink - but didnt want it
11:00 Tee Tee on Potty! YAY = M&M
11:30 Lunch Time -
12:15 Tee Tee on Potty
1:00 Tee Tee on potty - getting tired for nap - so we put on training pants..
2:00 Diaper + Nap-time
5:00 Playtime
6:00 Dinner with Milk
6:15 Tee Tee on Potty - YAY= M&M
7:30 Tee Tee on Potty - YAY= M&M
8:00 Bedtime+ Diaper
Day one = success! I am super proud of Miss Abby.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

House Before and After

So.. We are tackling our 2010 Goal List. We painted the house. Woohoo. Here is a Before and After pic.
Before :

After :

Huge Change, After the loggers left - we decided that they left us with a clean slate and that we wanted to change a couple of things. More updates comming soon.