Thursday, August 13, 2009

Under Destruction

HA HA! That is to say the least. I didn't realize what the loggers would do to our yard! Thankfully we can see past the huge piles of limbs and debris and we can see beautiful landscaping.

First comes the removal of the stumps, well, we have to wait about a month to let the sap dry out of the pine stumps so that when we grind them it does not tear up any machines. For the back yard we are looking at a more natural way of decompositon. I heard of a lot of different ways.

  1. cutting a cross with a chainsaw and putting lime on and covering.
  2. pouring buttermilk on predrilled holes.
  3. covering with stump out and buring with kerosine

We will probably try all of these methods and see which one works the best for us - since we have a lot of stumps.

I have since become a fan of Walter Reeves - Georgia Gardener

his website has a lot of very useful information about planting trees, which we will be doing when it is cool enough.

Another website I have come to love is

When you join for $10 you get 10 free trees, which will come in very handy but also when you are a member you can buy trees/flower/shrubs at a discount.

I have also heard that we can buy tree seedlings from the national forrestry commision. ( at low cost )

We are very excited, but a little overwhelmed about the mess in our yard.