Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Consignment Sale

Whew, I went to the ginormous consignment sale yesterday and whew am I glad that I did. I loaded down.

Nathan :

  1. crib bedding ( pottery barn ) bumper($9) 2 x sheets ($2 each) and dust ruffle($2)
  2. Wave Shelf- ( super cool ) - Nautical Theme! ($15)
  3. swing ( Graco Luv-N- Hug) ($40)
  4. seat cover for the high chair ($4)
  5. outfits ($2)
  6. bibs (10pk) ($5)

Abby :

  1. outfits ($7)
  2. toys ($5)
  3. dress up clothes & shoes ($10)
  4. winter jacket


  1. Maternity Clothes

Blackdress pants,($3) jumper (liz) ($4), 4 cable knit sweaters (gap and old navy)($5 each) 4 comfy long sleeve t shirts (old navy)( $3-4 each) and 2 kimono motherhood shirts($5) and grey yoga pants($2).


  1. Clothes

American Eagle shorts,($5) J.Crew button down shirt($4) & Tommy Hilfiger Blue Jeans($4)

I am super excited about all of the deals I found. It was well worth the wait - umm like 1hour+ but they had a good supply of chick fil a - So I had my lunch while I waited in line :) It was a lot of fun. Plus they had the FISH music on so the wait was not too bad. I love my deals. All these goodies for under $200.00