Saturday, August 1, 2009

Geared up for Christmas Already

We have officially started christmas shopping. :) I could not help myself Target had toys marked to 75% off. Now that we have some shopping out of the way I have some new decorating things in my future.

I have found a pattern for stockings. I will probably use a different material, but I just think these are adorable, besides I would like for all of our stockings to match.

I also found a really neat christmas craft. It seems pretty easy. A sugar cone with some frosting to hold the candy, I am sure abby is going to love it.

Oh I just can't wait for christmas this year!! We will have a brand new baby and a toddler to share christmas with this year. So exciting. :)

Okay so another Craft in mind. Pom Pom Wreaths. How neat! I am thinking that we may even be able to do some of these crafts at Abby's Birthday Party.

thanks to babycenter
Oh and Candy Cane Reindeer,
fun fun fun!