Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lots of Land = Lots of Work

When the trees came down last August, the logger men took every single blade of grass from our yard with them.
Then I had a brilliant idea... I went to bible group and prayed for rain. God heard my prayer and he listened and we have recieved our fair share. This would have been a great thing if we would have had grass on our yard, however- haha - can we just say our yard quickly turned into a mudslide. It taught us how to create barriers and breaks for the water. Jon is not an engineer - but I think he could be with his smarts.
So now that the rain has stopped - we put out grass seed in the spring. It came up, was looking okay but a little sparse. We put more seed out - it came up - however our yard is still showing more dirt than grass. My idea about planting grass seed: you feed more to the birds than really gets planted in the dirt : which is fine if you like feeding the birds and having grass in other places of your yard than you expect. ie : the flower garden!