Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gifted to Lead : Nancy Beach

This is my new favorite book so I thought that would share some highlights with you.

Chapter 1 God Didn't make a Mistake

"I want my life to be different from others"...

"I will somehow make a difference in this world"...

"I will I will I will"...

as a woman with a leadership gift I got the message loud and clear.

God did not make a mistake when he made you. when the gifts were handed out in heaven they were evenly distributed and the angels did not say uh oh! Scripture tells us in 1 Corinthians 12 that the holy spirit distributes gifts just as desired. Every gift you have came from the loving father, whom crafted you in your mothers womb. He delights in who you are becoming. You are no accident. Your dreams come from your Creator along with your instincts to lead and your passion to make a difference in this world.

~Nancy Beach

Chapter 2 : Welcome to the Boys Club
  • The Freight of Being Iconic- Henry Gates Louis Jr.

-as a woman in a leadership role finding yourself in the minority.

On every leadership team Ive served on over the years I have always felt like the experiment, the exeception, the only one who sometimes wore a skirt and who didn't belong in the boys club.

  • Character First
Above all else what would count most in my efforts to lead and relate effectively , is my character
  1. honest
  2. trustworthy
  3. ethical
who a person is will ultimately determine if their brains talents competencies energy effort deal making ability and opportunities will succeed.

  • Humility : seeing yourself with sober eyes
Don't push your way to the front; don't sweet talk your way to the top... don't be obsessed with getting your own advantage. ( Phil 2:3MSG)

think about the story when Soloman asked God for the gift of Wisdom ( 1 Kings 3:7-9)

Soloman saw himself as a child and in desperate need of the guiding hand of the father.

when we see ourselves accurately in that light , humility is a natural result.

  • Self Confidence
there is a fine line between Confidence and being humble. A balance must be found between boldness grace assertiveness and collaboration strength and vulnerability.

  • Humor
be willing to laugh at yourself - your burdens will be lighter

  • Integrity
Book- Integrity: Henry Cloud

reminds us, that every leader leaves behind a kind of wake just like a boat. The question is what kind of wake or legacy are you leaving behind?

Are you becoming more like Jesus in this lifetime?

No highly developed leadership skill or natural talents make up for a lack of integrity.

Chapter 3 : Doing the Work

Work Hard and Earn Respect

I never want the fact that I am a woman to be the focal point of my work.

Take this one to the Bank: (Matt 25:23)
the servant who buried rather than investing was rewarded - Jesus said to him - " well done good and faithful servant" You have been faithful with few thing now I will put you in charge of many things.

Be true to your own Leadership Style
Leadership styles are not defined by gender

Be wise when working with men

In the Early Church Paul instructed Timothy :
Treat younger men as brothers older women as mothers and younger women as sisters with absolute purity. ( 1Tim 5 1-2)

enjoy working relationships and celebrate the perspective each one brings to the team.

Chapter 4 : Running with the Big Boys
  • Navigating the "Man World"
Navigating the Man world is doable and ultimately can be deeply rewarding.

Leading up : a guide
  1. Be a Student to your Boss
  2. Learn to Initiate and Engage in Difficult Conversation
the only way I know how to get through a relational breakdown is to be willing to engage in difficult conversation.

All of us can get better at working through conflict and none of us will be able to avoid it altogether.

Chapter 5 : then we had kids
one size does not fit all - women have many options available to them, married to have children, to choose to be a single mother outside of marriage. One size does not fit all.

There is NO ONE RIGHT WAY to navigate life as a woman.
( for example Ester, Deborah, and Priscilla in the old testament)
If we confine our way of thinking to aone plan that every woman , we limit the possibilites of each person on this earth.

Good Enough Mothers
PMS ( perfect mom syndrome)
  1. is always there
  2. looks great and so does her perfect house
  3. never looses her patience
  4. never misses a field trip or an opportunity to be a room mom
  5. serves nutritious home cooked meals
  6. if she works outside the home - still does all the above flawlessly
  7. and of course the perfect mother has perfect children.
What ever I am doing whoever I am its never enough.

If you are a mom I urge you to listen to the quiet voice of the spirit and allow our God to help you design your own path for motherhood.

Every family is unique and every situation is different.
What we Model matters : our fundamental Identity is not as mothers and fathers.
Chapter 6: Finding your Voice

communicating effectively is not an option it is a absolutely essential.

Essential Tools for Everyday Communication

  1. attentive listening
  2. perceptive questions ( Luke 10: 25-37) on asking Jesus about Eternal life + the response
  3. teachable moments
  4. talking back

Listen to your life : the best communicators practice the art of paying attention to their lives.

Listening to God :

The Apostle Paul write to the church of Corinth, " ( Luke 10: 25-37) When we tell you these things, we do not use words that come from human wisdom. Instead, we speak words given to us by the Spirit, using the Spirit’s words to explain spiritual truths.

Without your voice your community will not shine brightly or be as healthy as it can be.

Chapter 7 : An Open Letter to a Male Leader

women leaders offer a perspective , a voice and entire world of experience that is essential for both men and women to experience.

the decisions you have on women in leadership will have a ripple effect for generations to come.

Chapter 8 Leaning into your tribe

do not be a lone ranger in life- when the storm blows you will desperatly need the reinforcement of other women that you know well.