Sunday, August 15, 2010

What are you feeding those kids?!?!

So out shopping people love to stop and ask me. " What are you feeding that boy" - My response now is Cornbread Collards and Mashed Potatoes. One lady even said - "REALLY" haha!
Seriously. no I do not feed my kids that. Except the potatoes part - Nate does like mashed potatoes when we are having them for dinner.
Same goes for miss Abby, we were at the playground the other day - and I was talking to another mom, she told me that her child was 4 and I said oh... Abby is 2 3/4... Her Jaw about hit the floor. Only because Abby was like 6 inches taller than her daughter.
Oh well I guess my kids just grow fast. But it is funny to see peoples reactions when you tell them that your 8 month old just Loves Pintos Cornbread and Collards!