Sunday, January 17, 2010

Peace and Quiet - 2 months old already

okay so still adjusting I would say. I needed to go to the store today to get some things- well we made it through the store but then Nathan woke up and was hungry and needed to be changed. Well we got that taken care of then Abby started screaming. I needed to go to Sams to get formula, - I could see very plainly that this was not going to happen - at least not today. God knew very well what he was doing when he made man and woman to work together to create children. God also knew that it took both of them to raise that child. I really do not understand how single parents do it.?! Daddy was able to go to Sams and get the formula that mr. Nathan needed. Thank goodness, and we were able to take a car ride, a long one because as long as the car is moving the kids are happy. :) Nathan went to sleep and so did Abby. - That ment ROLL ON, we took a nice long car ride and we all enjoyed the umm peace and quiet, for a little while at least.
Nathan will be two months old this week, WOW- can you believe it! he is growing up so fast. David asked me today - Paula how long before nathan starts talking? His cousins are so excited to have someone new to play with.
Abby still loves being a big sister, she loves rocking the baby ( in the baby carrier ) sometimes a little to rough- but she still loves her brother. :) She got to go to IHOP today just her and mommy and daddy and cousin michael. We were celebrating michael's 18th birthday. She was so excited because she got to eat "cake cakes" for breakfast.
Mom and Dad are doing good, a little sleep deprivation but that is to be expected. Nathan is starting to sleep a little longer through the night, he will sleep from 1 till 5 or 6 now WOOHOO! I am becomming a fan of Jimmy Kimmel and World News Now. Jon loves playing with Nathan and hearing him coo.. He is smiling already-mostly does that for Jon and will roll over when we put him on his tummy. He loves his swing and being held and music.