Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Whew.. What a Christmas...

Christmas Eve.. We got up early and decided to go down to the lake and suprise Gran Ma and Paw Paw. Jon had to work Christmas Eve - we did not think that we were going to make it to see Gran Ma and Paw Paw, but it worked out. Thank God it did - because that Lasagna sure was delicious! We enjoyed seeing everybody. The kids are so cute and all of them enjoy playing together.
Then we went to Mimi and Grandaddy's and had dinner, Chicken and Dressing and all the sides. Yummo. I think Abby had dessert for dinner.
Then Maw Maw and Paw Paws on Christmas Day, Whew what a spread Rib Roast and Turkey and all the trimmings - I think Abby ate a roll and some apples.
Eating with toddlers around the holidays explained: I think abby has had a steady diet of M&M's cookies, pie, cake rolls crakers cheese and anything else sweet for the past two weeks. I think if she could get away with it she would sit right down with the bag of sugar and eat it with a spoon. She thinks that Cupcakes are for breakfast lunch and dinner ( no we do not serve her that ) but she thinks if she asks for it and says, : "cupcakes - yeah okay " that she will get it.
We are trying to wean her off of the sugar - I think she is on a sugar rush, well me too :) I do have to keep up with her right and Nathan. We are slowly trying to get her to eat veggies again. But for right now she is totally revolting. Oh well Christmas is totally worth it.

Christmas was so much fun this year...

Christmas morning was a blast, Abby was fully aware that Santa was comming to leave presents under the tree and that she had to be "NICE"

Nathan's Stocking was just as big as he is :)

Abby got a princess vanity from santa that she LOVES!!!
She also got a tobogan hat and some sunglasses so that she can make a fashion statement of course.

Santa, brought some lincoln logs and Abby and Daddy like building houses and trains that go "Choo Choo"