Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Projects for a Rainy Day

Whew with all of this rainy fall weather - I needed some crafts to keep me busy... We headed to Joann's today and got the material for the stockings. I was so proud of miss Abby, I was in there for about an hour-and she did so good- her reward was candy corn.(which she can pronounce perfectly- I guess we work on those things that really matter :D ) The snowmen will be for Jon and me and the reindeer will be for Abby and Nate. I chose to do the cuff a color - so the cuff on the snowmen stockings will be red and the cuff on the reindeer stockings will be brown.

For Abby, I think that this little bag will come in very handy when she goes to church nursery and starts preschool next year. I do have to give props to Jessica, she gave me the idea- she is so crafty!! I do not do embroidery at all so,I went with the iron on letter. The ribbion will go below the letter and in the center there will be a bow.

Whew. Looks like I have my work cut out for me... but I like doing this kind of crafting. It just makes me feel like " oh yes I can " - I will post pictures when the projects are complete. :)