Sunday, September 27, 2009

High Tech Deer Hunting

High Tech Deer Hunting at the Thompson Household. Jon has been wanting to get back into deer hunting, but not wanting to get up at 3am to do it unless he knows for sure that there is something out there for him to get. So... Deer Cam to the rescue.

We had a rainy day on Saturday - so we loaded up and went to Bass Pro. We love Bass Pro. We can look at the gigantic fish tank while daddy gets his goodies. Plus there is a Wetzels Pretzels right outside Bass Pro - of course we have to have a snack.

So..More about the Deer Cam.. This thing is neat..If a deer passes in range the cam will take its picture and record the date and time. IT also has the ability to do video-but we left on the photo mode. We, can make a prediction based on normal feeding times and schedules based on this. We just love modern technology! We have seen some huge tracks - So Jon is getting anxious about hunting this season.

If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in something like this- this is what we bought