Friday, July 17, 2009

My baby girl will not nap!

Sleep. Sleep that is all I ask for...For the past week Abby just wants to play at naptime and at bedtime. All of the stuffed animals go on the floor. Somehow the light switch is turned on (repeatedly). Hmm.
Laying down with her does not work
Rocking her does not work
Letting her stay up with us does not work
Hopefully this is just a stage and she will go back to napping. I took her to the playground this morning thinking ahh yes peace at last! HA! I was wrong again! The the joys of motherhood. She is no worse for the wear. I cannot say the same for her bedroom. I think that every book, and every toy was out of the basket. Heaven help me when she can open doors.


Just call me Audrey! said...

They sell these awesopme things that go over the door knobs and little ones cannot open them. I had to purchase a few myself!

Both of my boys have gone through this "refuse to sleep" stage. I can tell you what I did working nightshift when Matt was away and I was desperate - I laid Gant down for a nap and turned on the baby monitor, set my alarm clock for two hours and slept. His room is safe - weither he slept or played I got the rest I needed and I know he was safe in his room. At times he got mad at me and would get upset. But eventually he settled down and this became our routine. Some may say I was locking my child in his room, but it's not like I was outside smoking dope or running around with my friends. I was trying to keep my sanity and two hours of sleep a day is not to much to ask for!

I wish I lived closer so Abby could come by so you could nap!

Ali said...

I can relate too. My kids are not nappers and I have never forced my kids to take naps. My crazy reason is that I hated naps as a kid and didn't nap even when someone tried to make me. When I stayed home with Brandon when he was little I discovered that after the first year he would not nap. Will I shower before supper? When do I get a break? I put him in his room with a baby gate, which worked because he wasn't the climbing type, and turned on the baby monitor and a movie for him o watch. I'd give myself two hours to workout, lay in the sun, clean, and shower. A lot of times it would begin with a few tears that would stop as soon as I was out of his sight. Sometimes if he got still enough he would sleep. Like Audrey said you're not locking them up to do bad things just doing things that need to be done and taking some time for yourself. All moms need it!